A Better Mouthguard Starts with Better Material!

PolyShok™ is a proprietary blend of plastic designed specifically to create better athletic mouthguards. It has the unique properties of being able to form to the mouth at low temperatures. The result is a soft, comfortable mouthguard that absorbs more destructive force than other athletic mouthguards by transmitting less force to the teeth, jaw and brain.

PolyShok™ has been tested by American Standards in Testing and Measurements (ASTM) to be over 150% more shock absorbent than leading traditional mouthguard (Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate) materials. These results are reproducible in any ASTM certified lab in the country.

Innovative Breakthrough for Dental Professionals

PolyShok™ is the optimum material for custom athletic mouthguards and is available for dental professionals to purchase in 5" x 5" sheets in a wide variety of colors. Contact us for custom colors.

Compared to current methods, the sheets can be multi-laminated through vacuum pressure in order to achieve the desired thickness without changing the technique. Trained dental professionals can form the sheets at low temperatures which results in softer and more comfortable mouth wear.

Total Energy Absorption


As a high-impact polymer, PolyShok™ provides more shock absorption than any other comparable material in use today.

85% more energy absorbency than our leading competitor and over 150% more energy absorbency that of ethylvinyl aceate (EVA).

Review The Research

Dental Traumatology Impact (PDF)          NMSBA Program (PDF)